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We pack it at our facility. We pack it at your place. Good for your bottom line, and good for the planet.

That’s right; we understand your crating needs and we offer professional crating solutions to keep your needs covered. As the most sought after Orlando crating services provider we value the fact that there is a whole lot of work involved in the entire crating process. To drive away your nightmare of crating your valuable belongings (be it delicate, large, many, or costly), Alternative Custom Crating’ is here to crate your things ready so that you can move them to your desired destination with complete safety.

Yes, we are established, reliable, professional expert, offering crating services in Orlando, Lakeland and Tampa area. Our main emphasize is of course on crating and packing. As a reliable name in crating services in Lakeland/ Tampa, we know the art of hassle free crating that keeps you stress free and relaxed.

Yes, we understand your anxiety during shipment or simple transportation of your household things, office furniture, electronics items, or art pieces. Worry not; our skilled Lakeland crating and packing service thus keeps things inside the crate totally secure.

Our service includes but not limited to :

  • Crating and packing your household goods
  • Packing and storing art pieces and antiques with utmost safety
  • On-site packing
  • Custom packing and design
  • Design testing and documentation
  • Pick-up and delivery for packing
  • Crate loading
  • Loading ocean container and trucks

At Alternative Custom Crating, it is your right to get the most responsive and reliable crating and storing service. Yes, we have proven our excellence in Pick-up services, Packing and Crating in Tampa, What’s more? We have a team of professional experts to supply in-house transportation of specialty and crated items.

Why us?

  • We focus on value, weight, fragility, and storage needs of items
  • We meet 100% delivery requirements
  • We offer Crating services for delicate and grand items and guarantee no damage
  • We carry precision equipments
  • We offer both offsite and onsite packing and crating in Lakeland, Orlando and Tampa area
  • We offer state-of-the-art customer service
  • We boast of certified and trained field service crews
  • We have dedicated force of skillful senior management

Solution to Your Crating problems:

Our world class crating service includes Export Packing and Crating, Inter-Plant Transport Crates, Documentation Preparation, Heavy Duty Box Design, Compliance Specifications, Container Loading, Wooden Boxes, Special Design Skids, Vapor-Barrier Protection, ISPM-15 compliant, MIL-SPEC Boxes, Heat protection, and Packaging of High Value Product.

Call us now at (863) 279-1335 or simply send us a mail at info@accrating.com with your contact details.

Our customer care people will be happy to serve you either over phone, or email or online/offline chat messages on our site.

We are always happy to serve you the very best with safety and care.