Be frank and tell us – are you tired of packing? Worried about your crating needs? Can’t think of making all those cartons to load all your stuffs? Leave it on us! Yes, we offer a whole range of packing and crating services in Lakeland, Tampa and Orlando area. At Alternative Custom Crating, we stand tall as the leading name in crating services Orlando/ Tampa area.

Worry not

Depending on your need and requirements we can pack and crate everything or just a few certain items, which you may want us to be packed and crated. It is also pertinent to mention here that our crating solutions are designed while keeping your items and needs in mind.

Quite ideally therefore, as the leading Lakeland crating services provider we keep in mind an array of factors when designing our crates, which includes but not limited to the crate’s weight, it’s dimensions, value, fragility and also the final destination requirements.

Guess what – there is no one size fits all formula with us rather our planning starts at the design phase and our team of experts then goes to work on building a crate that best suits the item.

We provide crates and Containers of all kinds:


  Corrugated Containers and Boxes

  Custom Engineered Crates

  Skids and Pallets

  Mil-Spec Crates

  Crates (Heat Treated for Export)

  Museum and Trade Show Crates

Custom Packing and Packaging

Custom Corrugated Packaging

Interior Packing and Padding

Specialized Custom Cushioning

About our facility

Possibly you know this already, our expertise lie in crating of high-value products that require a great deal of attention to detail. We offer a complete design service and the capacity to develop specifications to meet your most demanding needs.

Our expert crating and packing crew have been trained to specific standards for maintaining the highest level of workmanship.

We offer a complete drug-free workplace and all our employees are TSA compliant with required background checks. We have the finest and most knowledgeable employees in the industry.

Square Feet
Dock High Docks
Drive in Dock

Our Tampa/Lakeland/Orlando crating services include:

On-Site packing

Our dedicated employees will pack your equipment at your location. We have our own air-ride trucks with logistics and tools and supplies needed to complete the most demanding jobs.

Design Testing & Documentation

We design and test based on Federal and ASTM specifications. During the validation process, we provide you with a detailed test plan. We also witness all testing

Pick-Up & Delivery

We coordinate trucks and vans shipping and to pick up and bring your valuable items to our shop for packing and crating throughout the central Florida area...

Custom crating, packing & design

We write specifications and procedures for Orlando crating services, based on the specific needs of our customers and product type. Light Rigging and Loading Machines...