A Warehouse to Suffice Your Need!

Are you on the lookout for a warehouse to act as storage for your products in Orlando, Lakeland and Tampa area? You might be in the search for space which is completely safe?

It should be associated with attributes such as an alarm system. You must be looking for places with a camera which pursues the surveillance. Then, we suffice your requirement for the same.

Our features

150 pallet spaces as of now.

A Camera system which makes sure to provide complete safety to your products.

Our rent for every space is $20.

You will be required to pay a fee for moving the products in/out of the house. This depends on the amount or size of the material you are moving.

An alarm system to take care of your products.

You can ship the product to our warehouse or if it is not feasible for you we can have a van pick up the product.

The space is 40Lx48Wx48H.

The Latest Features

We have been continuously investing in latest features to make our warehouse more convenient for your products in Orlando, Lakeland and Tampa area.

Our state-of-the-art facilities bespeak our excellence. We involve many numbers of solution which include, picking, inventory control, packing and diligent workforce so that you, our clients are benefitted.

We are known for our


We have the best warehouse staff so that you are able to avail minimum picking time.


We make sure to monitor the travel time for picking products as well as taking care of the storage locations

Technology savvy

We are also updating to technologies like pick-to-light and voice recognition for better results.