Custom Wood Crating Services in Orlando and Tampa City

The fact has been tested and proven and has been hallmarked in red letter, our crating services Lakeland, Tampa and Orlando area are designed to meet your item’s needs. Needless to say, we keep in mind a number of factors, such as the crate’s weight, dimensions, value, fragility and final destination requirements when designing our crates. Yes, we plan things out as per your need and then our experts go to work to build a crate that best suits your items (such as machines and other heavy goods).

Machinery Crating and Shipping Services

We provide you the best solution for transporting your machines safely to their final destination. Whether the machinery is too huge, too delicate, or too valuable, we have the right way of crating and shipping your goods. We assure the best crating services for the big types of machinery without any delay. We always believe in your right to get the best crating service from us and work accordingly.

So, what goes into our crates?

Take a sneak peek and inside our crates and boxes, you’ll find tailored packaging, blocking and bracing that keep your item safe and protected. To put it simply, when it comes to the point of crating services in Orlando, we do not just place your item in a crate but we walk all those extra miles to offer only the best packaging and crating methods available for the item.

We do not limit shape, size, weight, valuation, and delicacy of your products to the crate. We value your freedom, wish, and necessity to crate just as you desire. We respect the uniqueness of your goods and your different thoughts to pack them. We ensure safe loading, transportation, and landing of your articles to protect you from any transportation rule, legal hazard, and product damage. As we directly do not act as movers, we help you move your items through our partners.

We provide crates and Containers of all kinds

  • Crates
  • Corrugated Containers and Boxes
  • Custom Engineered Crates
  • Skids and Pallets
  • Mil-Spec Crates
  • Crates (Heat Treated for Export)
  • Museum and Trade Show Crates

Alongside general crating service, our specialized crating services in Orlando and Tampa area includes custom wood crating, turnkey crating solutions, wood pallets and skids, heat protected wood crating, and export crating with ISPM-15 compliance. With the state of the art blocking, bracing, and other kinds of custom crating solution we ensure the safe journey, timely arrival, and damage-free transportation of your goods. Our specialist craters are true to their workmanship to crate your goods in the best suit. Take it in writing; it is our principle to restrict your crating cost to the minimum while maintaining the best quality at the same time.